Online programme of info sessions and workshops - edition 2022

Below you can find an overview of the info sessions and workshops that will be offered online on Monday 28 March 2022.

You can join the info sessions and workshops following the links added next to each session and workshop. The online sessions that will be recorderd, will be added here for you to view (anew).

An update of the programme will follow in the course of February. Do keep an eye on this page!

There is a growing disparity between the number of new PhD graduates and available faculty positions — effectively, most of the PhD graduates need to find jobs outside academia. The good news is: you have a lot of skills unique to academics that give you a competitive advantage in the open job market. You also have a lot of options outside academia! This workshop covers the following topics: On the right and the wrong reasons to leave academia. How to make sure that your motivation will lead to satisfaction from professional life in industry? How does value flow in the job market? On eight paths to building value as a professional. The landscape of post-PhD careers. Safety or freedom? On the biggest dilemma that you need to face while leaving academia. The workshop is interactive and contains polls, quizzes, and open discussion. We debunk certain myths related to the job market! The goal is to give the participants the information and confidence so that they can reflect on a number of possibilities and take the first steps towards finding their dream career in industry.

The landscape of post-PhD career tracks - part 1: to leave or not to leave? On 8 paths to building value as a professional. Safety or freedom? (pre-registration required!)

1h 30min. - Natalia Bielczyk -
In this session you will be given a useful checklist that will help you prepare for today’s labour market. How to turn your PHD projects into relevant work experience? What do recruiters really want to read in your resume? And, what do you have to keep in mind for a selection interview with a potential employer? We will help you find out. Presented by Jurre Verdoodt (CTRL-F)

Your first steps on the labour market: a speed update by CTRL-F

1h - CTRL-F - Jurre Verdoodt -
You are: - living in Belgium, but were born elsewhere? - continuing your studies/research here after having studied in your homeland? - eager to work in Belgium? - in need of advice and coaching? 4 times 'yes'? Join this workshop and find out what VDAB (Flemish Agency for Employment) can do for you.

Born abroad & eager to work here. Now what?

45 min. - VDAB - Melanie De Doncker & Sieska Dewaele -