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Law, Economics & Business administration
Social & Behavioural Sciences ~ Arts & Humanities
Young Researchers (PhDs & postdoctoral fellows)
IT, Technology and Engineering

Stand: Stand not yet available

Company activities

Working at ALDI? That means working in a team of colleagues who treat each other with respect, communicate honestly and trust each other 100%. Simply working together is what makes us strong. We use that strength to push each other and - above all - to make things as easy as possible for our customers. Not only in our shops, but also at our headquarters. We are always looking for #Toppers to strengthen our teams. This in different departments, such as IT, Finance, HR, Purchasing or Marketing. Always as simple as possible - that has been ALDI's secret since the very beginning: a close-knit family who together make great projects come true by sharing ideas. We therefore find it important to invest in your personal development. With training, yes, but also with a godfather or godmother who makes sure you come to work with a smile every day. Guaranteed. And all that combined with a good work-life balance and an attractive remuneration package. Sounds good? Apply at ALDI, it's that simple!