Company file of B12 Consulting


Interested in:

Exact Sciences & Architecture
Young Researchers (PhDs & postdoctoral fellows)
IT, Technology and Engineering

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Company activities

B12 Consulting is an IT services company based in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. We are specialized in the development of custom applications (web platforms, mobile technical applications, etc.), advanced data analysis (data science, artificial intelligence, statistics, modeling, etc.) and strategic consulting. We are an interdisciplinary team of more than 40 people, coming from all over Europe. The special thing about B12 is that, unlike other consulting companies, we develop our projects in-house. In other words, the whole team works in our offices in Louvain-la-Neuve and Brussels. You’ll have then the opportunity to work on very diverse and challenging projects, while enjoying a strongly committed team. Our team has also a very marked scientific DNA. Half of it has an academic background (Ph.D. and Post-doc) and we are all curious by nature. We are currently looking for Software Developers and Data Scientists to join us. Do not hesitate to reach us out for more information!