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Life Sciences & Medicine
Law, Economics & Business administration
Social & Behavioural Sciences ~ Arts & Humanities
Exact Sciences & Architecture
Young Researchers (PhDs & postdoctoral fellows)
IT, Technology and Engineering

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Company activities

BijlesHuis / HelloProf consists of a young team of 14 colleagues with just one mission: to help students of all ages find the right teacher. We work with a network of no less than 2500+ screened, patient and insanely motivated tutors and language coaches. They provide counseling at home or online, for all subjects, all levels of education and all ages. From toddlers to professionals! Sound grand? We are actually the market leader in tutoring in Belgium and have already found the perfect match for more than 16,000 students. Our secret power is the personal bond with every student and teacher. Anyone who tutors for us can call/email at any time for questions, uncertainties, or a much-needed chat. We take all administration off your hands, provide you with motivated students and we guarantee maximum flexibility. This way you can focus on what is really important: sharing your knowledge with a student who needs your help. Besides the teachers of course, our account managers are the driving engine of HelloProf. They interview new teachers, call students to map out their needs, and make the perfect match in true cupid style. HelloProf is always looking for new teachers and account managers, so be sure to visit our booth!