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Company activities

Fuji Oil Europe is a manufacturer of vegetable oils and fats for the food industry and is a part of Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. Japan. The head office and production site is located in Ghent (Belgium). The Belgian plant is strategically located at the seaport of Ghent and has a large range of processing technologies available, from high quality refining over fractionation to interesterification and hydrogenation. This state-of-the art plant is designed to produce a wide range of products, many of which tailor-made. Fuji Oil Europe is especially renowned for its high quality cocoa butter equivalents (CBE), cocoa butter substitutes (CBS), cocoa butter replacers (CBR) , functional filling fats and nutritional fats. In Belgium, Fuji Oil Europe also produces cocoa compound coatings, cocoa fillings, hazelnut fillings and specialty chocolates (no sugar added, organic). These semi-finished products for the food industry are mostly tailor-made. The combinations for our cocoa fillings and compounds are almost unlimited: with or without milk solids, with or without nuts, tempering needed or not, with sugar or with sugar replacers. Our fillings & compounds business relies upon the in-house fat technology of Fuji Oil Europe. Only the most functional and most performing fats are selected according to the application of the customer. This is a valuable asset in the business.