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Stand: hal 1 - general job market - 201 


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More than 7,000 people work daily to ensure that Ghent is a pleasant city to live, work and visit. Each of them does this on the basis of his or her expertise: maintaining greenery, taking care of children, manning the civil affairs counter and so on. But the City of Ghent does more than you think: just think of following up road works, leading urban renewal projects, realizing new city buildings and maintaining existing ones, keeping the organization financially healthy, and so much more. Ghent residents can contact the OCMW Ghent for advice or help about budget, housing, education, work, administration, parenting and aging. We always keep the customer and the result in mind. The City of Ghent has a wide variety of functions. You can work in technical, social, administrative, care and managerial positions, in different departments.