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Life Sciences & Medicine
Law, Economics & Business administration
Social & Behavioural Sciences ~ Arts & Humanities
Exact Sciences & Architecture
Young Researchers (PhDs & postdoctoral fellows)
IT, Technology and Engineering

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Company activities

EURES Scheldemond is a long-standing network organisation that involves EURES members and partners working together to support cross border labour mobility. The activities focus on information and advice relating to cross border recruitment for job seekers and employers on an individual basis, during targeted training and Expert sessions with the competent authorities. Matching and placement activities are organised through the digital app GrensMatch and personalised cross border job hunting which identifies individual employment goals. We also attend and organise recruitment events. The services are available for all inhabitants of the Member States and no discrimination is made on the basis of nationality, gender, age, ability etc. as regards employment services. The EU funding expands the scope of the involved organisations through social and labour market policy experiments. The testing at partnership level provides necessary know-how and best practises of interest for the EURES network.