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Young Researchers (PhDs & postdoctoral fellows)
IT, Technology and Engineering

Stand: hal 1 - interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers - 37 


Company activities

Waylay is a fundamentally new way for businesses to build automation and complex rules rapidly at scale. It's a developer-friendly hyperautomation platform with an extensive suite of integrations for every use case and every team—including IT, operations, engineering, product, and support—making the complicated simple. Waylay's next-gen platform allows companies to automate, orchestrate monitor, streamline business work flows for a broad range of industries that de-risks the innovation process, unlocks team resources and significantly impacts the bottom line. The Waylay hyperautomation platform is a horizontal solution leveraged in market sectors such as smart buildings, telecoms, financial services, logistics, IOT, IIoT, heavy machinery, field operations, discrete manufacturing, energy & utilities.