Interactieve workshops en infosessies

Dit interactief omkaderend programma wordt live aangeboden op donderdag 23 maart in Flanders Expo Gent - en, het belooft interessant te worden!  

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Hal 1 - flexruimte 1 - graduaten, BA's & MA's

Who are the institutions; which profiles are they looking for; what skills and competencies should candidates have; which contracts do they offer; how is staff selected --- this and much more.  Ample room for Q&A

Career opportunities with the EU institutions

50 min. - Aline Anton (ESPO)
Are you looking for an internship, a job or are you planning to study abroad? Then Europass is what you need. Europass is an initiative from the European Commission that aims to facilitate mobility for learning and working throughout Europe and beyond. For this aim a number of Europass tools (profile, CV, Diploma Supplement and Europass Mobility document) have been developed to make your qualifications, competences, working and learning experiences more transparent to employers or educational institutions abroad. In this workshop we will show you how to use these tools. You will learn how Europass can help you to find learning and job opportunities in Europe that match with your interests, qualifications and competences.

Europass: your gateway to learning and working in Europe

30 min. - Europass / Euroguidance / Erasmus+ - Eva Van de gaer

Hal 1 - flexruimte 2 - PhD's & postdocs

Nearly 9 out of 10 PhD degree holders in Flanders leave the academic nest to build a career in the non-academic labour market. In the current knowledge-driven economy and society, there is a high demand for employees who are creative, innovative, agile, critical, …. problem-solvers. They are wanted for exactly the same qualities that make researchers thrive in academia. Despite these good career prospects, transitioning to a non-academic career does not always run smoothly. One of the reasons for that is the mismatch in expectations from both PhD holders and non-academic employers. In this panel debate we will talk about (mis)perceptions on the side of PhD holders and non-academic employers and how we can turn these into opportunities.  

Beyond Academia: Exploring Perceptions, Opportunities & Obstacles for PhD Holders in the Non-Academic Job Market - REGISTRATION COMPULSORY

1u - Ghent University Postdoc Community -

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In this interactive workshop we will list do’s and don’ts for drafting a cv with an academic background. Your cv is the business card that makes (or breaks) the first impression a recruiter gets of your profile. It should show your professional personality, be adapted to the targeted position and communicate your killer points. In this short workshop, we will deduce guidelines regarding style, structure and content based on discussion of frequently raised questions and authentic input. Tom De Moor works for the University Language Centre of Ghent University (UCT –, where he coordinates, develops and teaches courses of academic and professional language education. Among other transferable skills, he frequently gives workshops on and coaches academic application skills.

Your PhD in a CV

30 min. - Tom De Moor (UGent – UCT)
You’re in the driver’s seat of your car, er, career, much more than you realise! In this workshop, Career Strategist Sonal Bahl will share a few simple frameworks to help you to narrow down what makes you different, how that compares with the job market and how to know if a position and company are right for you. About Sonal Bahl: Sonal Bahl is a Career Strategist, Podcaster, YouTuber and Founder of Supercharge, a Career Advisory firm with clients in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia. A former HR Director, she has served over two decades in HR leadership roles in leading firms like GE, PricewaterhouseCoopers and others on 3 continents

KEYNOTE: How to know what you WANT in your career, and then how to actually GET it

1u - Sonal Bahl (Career Strategist, Podcaster, YouTuber and Founder of Supercharge)
The  importance of a first job can’t be overestimated. Often, your first job will determine the rest of your career path. Jan Verstraeten will provide young potentials at the beginning of their professional career with advice on choosing the right job in the right organisation.

Career perspectives for PhDs & Postdocs

30 min. - Jan Verstraeten (Altior)
Gain valuable insights from Aga Rogala, an HR professional with a vast experience in international talent acquisition. She will go over each step of the recruitment process, and share tips and tricks on how to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Aga has worked directly and indirectly with a number of global organisations from different sectors (consulting, banking, telecom, FMCG, building&construction) across various European locations. She is highly passionate about new trends in HR, the future of work, use of technology and data to drive better business results and people decisions, and a very strong DEI advocate.

How to catch the eye of the corporate recruiter?

1u - Aga Rogala