Interactieve workshops en infosessies 2022

Hieronder vind je een overzicht van het interactief omkaderend programma dat live zal worden aangeboden op maandag 16 mei in het ICC Gent.

Je hoeft niet vooraf te registreren om deel te nemen aan de infosessies/workshops, tenzij dit anders wordt aangegeven.

Een update van het programma volgt in de loop van februari. Hou deze pagina dus zeker in de gaten!



Zaal 2 - Hubert Van Eyck - 1ste verdieping

In this workshop Eva Van de Gaer will introduce you to the opportunities Europass offers in your search for study or work abroad. Creating a Europass profile, you will receive tailor-made suggestions for training courses and jobs in Europe. You can also easily create a CV and motivation letter on the Europass platform and apply online. In addition, you will find all the information you need to plan your adventure abroad (which documents do I need, which authorities can I contact, ...).

Europass: your personal gateway to learning and studying in Europe

30 min. - Eva Van de gaer

Zaal 3 - van der Goes - 1ste verdieping

How do you best prepare for a transfer from academia to industry? What are the key differences between academia and industry? What are the differences between what a recruiter is looking for and what you emphasize in your brand? In this 1-hour workshop the trainer will look at the science behind successful application preparation, share practical experience transitioning from academia to industry, as well as a PhD profile recruiter’s point of view on how to stand out among the crowd.

From PhD to industry, a recruiter’s perspective

1u - Robin Lefebvre (Grow2Excel)
Nervous when thinking about a job interview? This short info session aims at taking away some of that uneasiness … We will cover the key preparatory aspects as well as the “10 commandments” of a professional job interview. Having explained the basics of the ‘behavioural interview technique’ we will discuss some of the most typical and difficult interview questions.

How to prepare for a job interview

30 min. - Rik De Greef (IsToBe Coaching Leaders & Teams)
In this interactive workshop Tom De Moor will list some do’s and don’ts for drafting a CV with an academic background. Your CV is the business card that makes (or breaks) the first impression a recruiter gets of your profile. It should show your professional personality, be adapted to the targeted position and communicate your killer points. In this short workshop, Tom will deduce guidelines regarding style, structure and content based on discussion of some frequently raised questions and authentic input. Tom works for the University Language Centre of Ghent University (UCT –, where he coordinates, develops and teaches courses of academic and professional language education. Among other transferable skills, he frequently gives workshops and coaching regarding academic application skills.

Your PhD in a CV

30 min. - Tom De Moor (UGent – UCT)

Looking at the potential of a career switch from academe to consultancy

30 min. - Schelstraete Delacourt Associates - Jo Heirman (Schelstraete Delacourt Associates)