Op donderdag 27 maart kan je in Flanders Expo deelnemen aan live workshops, infosessies en debatten. 

Je hoeft niet vooraf te registreren om deel te nemen aan de infosessies/workshops, tenzij dit anders wordt aangegeven.


hal 1 - flexruimte 2 - PhD's & postdocs

The Ghent University Postdoc Community is hosting a live panel debate for PhD candidates and postdocs on the transition from an academic to a non-academic career. In this discussion we will talk about how to recognize and market advanced academic experience during job hunting. Alex Kirov (QTC Recruitment) will kick off with insights on navigating through today's job market. Following his talk, esteemed professionals in talent acquisition and management, including Caroline De Bondt (Human8) and Renaat De Sutter (HAEDES), will share their views. Stay tuned for additional panelists to be announced soon. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with industry leaders.

Job Hunting with a PhD, Possibilities and Pitfalls

1u - Alex Kirov (QTC Recruitment), Caroline De Bondt (Human8), Renaat De Sutter (Haedes), ... -

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In this interactive workshop we will list do’s and don’ts for drafting a cv with an academic background. Your cv is the business card that makes (or breaks) the first impression a recruiter gets of your profile. It should show your professional personality, be adapted to the targeted position and communicate your killer points. In this short workshop, we will deduce guidelines regarding style, structure and content based on discussion of frequently raised questions and authentic input.  

Your PhD in a CV

30 min. - Tom De Moor (UGent - UCT)
Bringing together 4 renowned recruitment agencies, this panel debate will provide valuable insights into the strategies, operations, and values of recruitment agencies, helping PhD job seekers understand their approach to talent acquisition and management.

Behind the Scenes of a Recruitment Agency

1u - Alex Kirov (QTC Recruitment), Jo Heirman (Schelstraete Delacourt Associates), Aimee Brenner (Panda International), Niek D'Hondt (CTRL-F)
AI and HR are nicely compatible. Let’s explore what AI can bring to HR, making the talent acquisition flow more efficient and at the same time increasing the quality of matching between people and jobs. We will talk about what AI-for-HR really means, we’ll talk about competences and skills and about pro-active matching, and we will see how an intelligent use of AI increases the human aspect in talent acquisition … AI for happier matches, also - and maybe even specifically - for PhDs and Postdocs. AI, enhancing the art of talent acquisition.

How AI can make Talent Acquisition more Human!

45 min. - Frank Aernout (Nalantis)
Nervous when thinking about a job interview? This short info session aims at taking away some of that uneasiness … We will cover the key preparatory aspects as well as the “10 commandments” of a professional job interview. Having explained the basics of the ‘behavioural interview technique’ we will discuss some of the most typical and difficult interview questions.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

45 min. - Rik De Greef (IsToBe Coaching Leaders & Teams)