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Welcome to our booth, where we offer a wide range of advice and information to facilitate your transition to Belgium. Whether you're a student, researcher, or employee, we're here to guide and inform you about several essential aspects of your stay and work in Belgium. At our booth, you'll find expert advice and detailed information on various important topics, including: * Orientation year for students and researchers (NON-EEA nationals): Explore the possibilities and requirements for the orientation year after your studies or research period in Belgium. * Single permit application for employment with a private employer (NON-EEA nationals): Learn more about the application process and the necessary steps to obtain a single permit to work with a private employer. * Single permit application - hosting agreement for employment at a recognized research institution (NON-EEA nationals): Gain insight into the specific procedures and conditions for obtaining a single permit through a hosting agreement at a recognized research institution. * General information about family reunification or residence rights (EEA and NON-EEA nationals): Discover relevant residence rights and procedures for family reunification, both for EU and non-EU nationals. * Employment in multiple countries or secondment; social security, and other consequences: Understand the complexities of working in multiple countries, secondment, and the impact on social security and other legal implications. Our booth is ready to answer your questions and provide you with detailed information to ensure a smooth stay and work experience in Belgium. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you during these crucial stages of your international journey in Belgium.

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