When you are job searching or just want to explore your career interests and options, take time to attend the interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers on 27 March 2025!

Ghent University, in cooperation with Ghent University Association and the other Flemish universities, hosts the annual interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers where employers connect with PhDs and postdocs to discuss interesting job opportunities. The Job Market for Young Researchers also offers a wide range of live career development workshops, panel discussions and a thought-provoking keynote speech

The live interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers takes place in Flanders Expo Ghent on Thursday 27 March 2025 - from 12 PM till 7 PM.

Pictures and video

We take pictures and make video recordings during the afstudeerbeurs/Interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers. These are used for publication on our respective websites and social media channels.
By registering for, and participating in, the fair, you give us tacit permission to take and publish non-posed, spontaneous photos and impressions. For targeted photos and interviews, we need your permission according to the privacy law. In case group photos, close ups, individual photos and/or interviews are taken, we will ask for your permission in writing on the spot.
If you would like to have published photo material removed, please send an e-mail to info@augent.be.