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Leading glass manufacturer in the construction, automotive industries and various other sectors (chemicals, transport, solar and high-tech applications). At the Technovation Centre, we are developing the glass of tomorrow with a focus on greener and more connected applications. Join a multi-cultural, fun and diverse team ready to support you in all your initiatives. • We offer a wide range of trainings in different areas such as: design thinking, agile working methods, (self) leadership and personal development, presentation skills, innovation management, project management and, glass fundamentals. • We strongly believe that personnel should have a good understanding of their working environment: factory and department visits are organised • Attendance of conferences in specialised topics is encouraged • Full onboarding program + all our recruits are supported by a buddy and by other researchers from the Technovation Centre when they arrive, until they feel comfortable on the job. • A mentoring scheme is available • Bootcamps are organised for those who like to turn their ideas into business value! We welcome trainees and participate to the PHD shadowing program organised by VLIR !