Company file of Bank Van Breda


Interested in:

Law, Economics & Business administration
Exact Sciences & Architecture
Young Researchers (PhDs & postdoctoral fellows)
IT, Technology and Engineering

Stand: hal 1 - general job market - 74  hal 1 - interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers - 221 

Company activities

Bank Van Breda, a Belgian bank exclusively for entrepreneurs and liberal professions, distinguishes itself through its deep focus on technology and IT innovation. Our mission is twofold: we aim not only to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals but also to provide our employees with ample opportunities to thrive in a challenging environment. It's no coincidence that our colleagues proudly recognize us as an official "Great Place To Work"! We embrace the latest technological advancements and strategically leverage them to enhance our services. Whether you are pursuing an IT-related degree and seeking to deepen your IT skills or if you've discovered during your studies that the analytical and technical aspects resonate with you, our IT traineeship serves as the ideal platform to develop your IT expertise. Our corporate culture revolves around collaboration and support. You become part of a team of experts who nurture your growth and highly value your contributions. What's even more remarkable is that the work you undertake here directly impacts our clients and our ability to provide innovative financial solutions. We invite you to visit our booth and meet our inspiring IT colleagues. Explore their personal growth journeys and success stories.