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Law, Economics & Business administration
Exact Sciences & Architecture
Young Researchers (PhDs & postdoctoral fellows)
IT, Technology and Engineering

Stand: hal 1 - general job market - 55 

Company activities

Help us build the bridge between business and IT Join the #peopleofdelaware Whether you’re fresh out of school or already have some work experience, making the right career choice can be a bit daunting. Taking your first steps onto the job market and feeling like Bambi on ice? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. At delaware, we’ll offer you the perfect blend to kick-start your career. The ingredients? A well-balanced mix of business, IT and consultancy. Who are we? We are delaware: an IT consultancy company. We like to bring out the best in technology (and in people!) to help our customers improve their business processes. We truly believe that innovation and technology go hand in hand, so we’re always on the lookout for new, exciting tools. Either way, as consultants, we take pride in the solutions we build and the services we offer. Let’s get you off to a flying start Whether you’re interested in software development, business processes, data analytics or digital transformation, we trust that you and your expertise will fit right in. Discover a whole new world as a technical consultant, a functional consultant, or somewhere in between. Not that into IT? In September 2022, we launched a whole new track for people who want to focus on strategical management consulting within supply chain or finance. Every starter at delaware takes part in our infamous Analyst Boot Camp, an intensive 4-week track packed with trainings and workshops. You’ll take a deep dive into the technologies you’ll be working with and boost your soft skills during social get-togethers, team buildings and business games. Sounds fun, right? By the way: In 2022, we welcomed no less than 200 junior starters. Whichever path you take, it will be an incredible journey either way. Which adventure will you choose?