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Young Researchers (PhDs & postdoctoral fellows)
IT, Technology and Engineering

Stand: hal 1 - interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers - 264 


Company activities

OUR DREAM With HAEDES we dream to enable independent creative & qualitative engineering & consultancy for our natural waters at coasts, rivers, cities & oceans. We dream to inspire & provide solutions to tackle the cause of problems, not the consequences. With HAEDES we want to inspire and create a change where engineering skills are combined with soul, feeling & system/design thinking. We dream of HAEDES as the connecting point for the tribe of independent creative thinkers that have the guts to combine scientific skills, soul & passion to have an impact on a better world. We dream to create an inspiring, human-centered, possibility driven, holistic & (eco)system thinking environment that has impact on reducing the cause of climate change and the loss of bio-diversity. A company that co-creates with a drive to have return of reputation, which exists for the well-being of people, the planet and the environment we are living in. A company that believes in the added value of being inspired by nature and its regenerative strength. We dream of becoming a company that contributes to overcome the “divide” between economics and natural sciences. We aspire to focus on nature-based solutions, to improve resilience, contribute to real sustainable solutions and positively impact bio-diversity and the well-being of communities. Therefore, we want to create an inspiring working environment and an ecosystem of employees, partners and like-minded individuals to work locally on global challenges. Create an inspiring working environment that allows us to discover talents and maximally use the strengths and skills of all generations. We dream of challenging the status quo and go beyond the state-of-the-art to change the existing way of thinking & doing. We aspire to a society that encourages people to live in harmony with each other and with their environment. We dream to contribute to a society characterized by integrity, a balance between people and nature, and social harmony.