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Company activities

Our organization ZorgSaam Zorggroep Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is the specialist in care for young and old in the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region and beyond. ZorgSaam provides hospital care, ambulance care, home care and care for the elderly. With these different components, we are able to provide seamless care. To this end, we work closely with other healthcare providers, both at home and abroad. It is and remains necessary to work shoulder to shoulder with all healthcare providers in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. In this way, care throughout Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, from the coast to the port area of Antwerp, is well organized and close to the people. Below is our company video! Would you like to know more about working across the border? ZorgSaam's personnel administration has expert colleagues who will be happy to tell you more about the points you need to consider when considering working across the border. They can be reached at +31 115 677 252, option four. There is also a handy brochure where you can read through the important issues at your leisure. The brochure can be consulted by clicking on the link below. Did you know that there is also a free information point in Terneuzen where you can make an appointment (free of charge) if you have questions or require information in the areas of social security, employment conditions regarding working or studying across the border and taxation on cross-border work. Below is the link to the Grensinfopunt with the contact details. Training and internships Working at ZorgSaam is working with and for people, both as a team and individually. For example, work in the hospital varies from a surgical nursing ward to the pediatric ward, from outpatient clinic to operating room and from laboratory to intensive care. As an ambulance nurse, you will be on the road a lot, helping people who have been in an accident or who need acute help for other reasons. At our elderly care locations, you and your colleagues are responsible for the care of our residents. A job in home care means working in people's homes. You not only perform direct care tasks, but also have an important signaling function. It is independent work with a lot of variety. Recognized learning company ZorgSaam is recognized by SBB as a learning company. We want to offer MBO students the opportunity to gain relevant work experience during their training, so that they can enter the job market with full practical experience. We work with fourteen training teams spread throughout the organization. The employees in these teams have received additional training.